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This is Joe!  He was born with Hypoplastic Left heart syndrome.  Later he had what is called the Fontan Procedure and then he developed Plastic Bronchitis.  He is just one of many with this disease.
Update on Joe:  Joe had a procedure in Melbourne, Australia and was cast free for 8 1/2 months.  He had a few casts, and is doing well  He is feeling great and is an active young lad!
What is Plastic Bronchitis?
  It is an unusual respiratory condition where materials build up in the airways, forming a cast and impeding the patient's ability to breathe.  These casts have a rubbery texture and contain varying levels of fibrin and mucin, depending on the circumstances leading to their formation.  Sometimes, patients manage to expectorate the casts, and in other cases they need to be removed during surgery or bronchoscopy to clear the patient's airways.  Plastic Bronchitis is primarily seen among children, but it can also be seen in adults.
This condition appears to be linked with some congenital heart conditions and it can also develop in other circumstances.  The patient often experiences several days of discomfort  with coughing and the production of pale sputum (sometimes bloody) and may have difficulty breathing.  Strange breath sounds, crackling noises in the lungs, and a feeling of tension and tightness in the chest can also be experienced in a patient with plastic bronchitis.  Patients may also develop problems associated with not getting enough oxygen, causing cyanosis, where the extremities start to turn bluish-gray.
How We Started
     The Plastic Bronchitis Foundation was founded by Joy Dumire with much encouragement from Dr. Bruce Rubin. 
     Joy has had Plastic Bronchitis for several years.  It was several difficult years before Joy was first diagnosed.  When initially diagnosed treatment options were limited, especially in adults.  Joy was determined to find answers, and found the site "Families Dealing with Plastic Bronchitis".  She yearned to understand more about this disease, and  that site is where she learned about the International Plastic Bronchitis Registry  directed by Dr. Bruce Rubin. Joy contacted Dr. Rubin who later collaborated with her Pulmonologist and started a treatment that has been life changing. Through further research, Joy discovered Doctors performing a promising procedure in Philadelphia. Later traveling to the University of Pennslyvania and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), for an interventional procedure to embolize the lymphatic thoracic duct by Dr. Dori and Dr. Itkin.
     Joy is committed to help all who need assistance.  For Joy, it has not just been the journey with her disease, but the bonds that were formed with the families and those inflicted with PB on the fb site "Families Dealing With Plastic Bronchitis".  This Organization will start by educating others about this disease, and through fund raising the foundation will be able to help many children and adults receive treatment and support.


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